Grounding Consultants

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Our Grounding Expertise Includes:
We are the Power and Grounding Experts with a full range of Experience and On-site Services to assist with Design, Employee Area Safety Tests, Investigations, "Wierd Problems", "System Crashes", Unexplained Ground Currents, Net Sequence Currents, Grounds Arcing, Surveys, Audits, Testing, Design, Existing Problem Investigations.
Earth Resistivity Testing / New Design & Existing Ground Testing:
 Fall of Potential Method, Three Point Method, Two Point Method, IEEE Standards, TIA, BellCore and others, Existing Ground Field Testing, Soil Resistivity Testing, etc. 
Troubleshooting /  Problem Investigations / Surveys / Audits / Design
"Site Hardening" to Power and Grounding, EMP Design Mitigation, Common Mode Noise, Lightning Srikes, Outages, Back-up systems, Ground Potential Rise (GPR), Integrated Grounding Systems (Telco, HealthCare, Telecommunications, etc.), Multilevel Grounding Systems (Studios, Earth Stations, Telecommunications, Data Centers etc.)
Computer Grounds, Power System Grounding, Noise in Power System Grounding, Equipment Grounding, Sensitive Electronic Equipment Grounding, "Quiet Ground", Isolated Grounds, Ground Fault Conditions, Shield Grounding, RFI / EMI on Grounds, Single Point Ground, Separate Building Ground, Electrical Grounding and Corrosion, Sub-Station Grounding, Ground Electrodes, Chemical Ground Rods, Lightning Protection Systems and Diversion, Industrial Mission Critical Grounding, Data Center Mission Critical Grounding, Computer Room Floor Grounding,